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lots of eye candy sorted under different galleries!

UPDATE! I finally got my galleries up and running! I actually found out that Bravenet has some really awesome tools/website add ons that really come in handy and make my life sooo much easier! So instead of doing it the normal way I usually would, which for anybody who doesn't know or even does know HTML website coding, to go and put image urls into links and thumbnails is a long and repetitive process. So by using and customizing my own photo album using Bravenet's tools and a little bit of my html skills, I just saved myself days or possibly months of work in just a few hours! YAY! :D UPDATE! 04/2016: THIS SECTION WILL BE UNDER CONSTRUCTION ON AND OFF FOR A WHILE BECAUSE I HAVE WAY TOO MANY PICTURES! lol. But just keep checking in and I'm sorry I had to post two different links for different album accounts but I will be merging them all together into one soon hopefully! Thanks!

And please do NOT try to steal any of my modeling photography or even any other pictures that I own and use them as your own!

With all that being said, just click the link below to go to my photo album page which each album will be seperated and sorted by name/category. Enjoy! And thank you all for visiting! ;)

Photo Album Part One

Photo Album Part Two

Sorry I had to make two different photo album accounts because until I can remember how to log into my original (first) one, then I have to use a second one :p

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