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To the left are all of my Affiliates and/or Sister Sites that I have made and manage. Most of the links on this main page have to stay kind of short and breif due to the layout's design but if you hover over any of them, the name of the site will appear. All of them are in relation to one another and this website as well and are all usually very similar, just with different hosts and domains. Each link is titled by the site's name so when you get a chance, check them all out! ;) The three X's below are also the three main sites that I use and update the most which are in order from top to bottom; Ashlee In Wonderland, Prodigy (Tumblr Blog), and of course my personal Facebook! But they are all also listed under the Affiliates section as well. Thanks for visiting!


This is the second version of my original personal index website! Basically, the sole purpose of this site is just to give you all the latest and up to date information, updates and links to all my personal websites, graphic design work and other similar creative materials mostly made by me. So take a look around and check out all my websites, creative works and content and as always thank you for visiting! ;)


The main navigation to this site is located on the left hand side of this layout. Each section is numbered and has different content based on that number. If you hover over the navigation number links, the title for each section will show up to tell you which is which. For example; number one will take you to the main menu and if you do hover the mouse over it, it will also tell you that as well. Located on the right hand side of this site are three X's that are just going to be the main sister sites. On the top of the layout, above the actual content, there will be all of the affiliates and sister sites listed as well that you can check out. And obviously all the content will be listed here or above in the scroll box by the Affiliates! ;) To learn more about this index website, visit the About Site section.


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