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Monday, June 1st 2015

This is the new and improved, personal website dedicated to yours truely, Ashlee Taylor. I decided to make this my main website, which I've settled on Ashlee's Wonderland and new affiliates are always welcome! See the Site Stuff section for more information...Anyway, although I do have a couple blogs that are like this website, I wanted to actually have a main website that wasn't all about blogging and something that I can share with my family and friends so they might be able to keep up to date with my every day life and something that anyone close to me could enjoy. Not only just for personal use but also I am trying to upload and keep my modeling porfolio up to date and hopefully get back into doing that as a side hobbie in time and also a show case for all my personal hobbies and career choices! Plus I get bored and love making websites so I guess it's also for my own personal use in a way and just for fun...it's kind of my thing ;) So this being the main, original mother site, it will include everything about me so if you know me enjoy, and if you don't you can learn all about me here. I hope you enjoy it and give me some feedback in the FAQ section or you can sign my Guestbook by clicking the link below too please and thank you! ;)

UPDATE! 12.11.15.
Fixed and edited a bunch of different things! Also added more surveys, graphics and picture quotes! And made a few side pages under a different host but I did finally finish up with the FAQ section and also made a new Contact Me page as well which will be easier to use and both have forms that you can easily fill out too. I'm currently working on a better Gallery section for all the photos and albums but I will be done with that pretty soon as well. Until then I will definitely keep updating! Enjoy and thank you for visiting! ;)

UPDATE! 12.02.15.
After working on this website pretty much all night and all this morning and I know I just updated it last night but I decided to make a pretty major change with it. Instead of having the 'Miscellaneous' section, I changed it to 'Interactive'. I actually had wanted to do this from the very beginning of creating this website but was kind of indecisive about it at first. Now that I have updated and am almost finished with this website, I kind of figure that it will be MUCH simplier and easier to rename it and also divide equally the different pages between 'Fun Stuff' and 'Interactive'. Alot of the pages between those two really had no particular category but they would fit in a 'Interactive' category so it just made sense to me. So I did end up moving some of the links and pages that used to be in the 'Fun Stuff' section to the 'Interactive' section now. So I should be about done with all the pages also today. Updating them is a different story but I will try ;) That's all for now, but I will keep you guys updated and posted! Thanks for checking out my website...and come back soon!

UPDATE! 12.01.15.
Even though I probably don't post all my updates as much as I should, I have been working on this website on and off a lot lately and have gotten ALOT of progress done with it. I'm proud to say that this website is almost officially finished! I added all of the pages and have to update a couple of them yet and add a few things..And I updated a lot of the other sections and pages as well. I added and updated a couple different things but pretty much each and every category under the navigation has been updated or something has been added or is new. So check it out and let me know what you guys think. I really put a lot of effort into this site but so far it's turning out to be almost perfect! Thanks for checking in and enjoy! ;)

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This website was created by Ashlee Taylor and I do have the right to distribute any material that may be found here. Most images are owned by me. Navigation is to the right to learn more. Thanks for visiting! Enjoy and come back soon! ;)

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