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Leaving so soon? Make sure you check out these great links out and all my sister sites and affiliates to Ashlee's Wonderland! Pretty much, I made sure to list any/all (well mostly all of them) of my favorite websites, and affiliates are all the amazing sister sites or mostly consists of my other pages I've created as well! And even though you can find most of them to the right under the Advertisting section of the side bar, you can also find all my buttons to link my website back with so you're more than welcome to use them to link my site back! (Mostly for affiliate/sister sites to use, but I'd be honored to anyone who would like to link back to this site!) If you are interested in becoming an affiliate/sister site, you can find out how to do so below as well! I'm always welcoming fellow websites to associate with! Check them out and please come back soon! Thanks! ;)

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Did you like my website? Or are you a fellow affiliate/sister site? Show your love for me if you have your own blog or website and put my link to my website, Ashlee In Wonderland, on your site! Obviously you can do the normal links but if you want to be creative, just use these official link back banners I created specifically just for my personal site, Ashlee In Wonderland! All you have to do is pick one of the buttons you like best below, copy the image url and then paste the image to your website or blog and link my site to the button/image. It's easy and looks better than a normal or boring link! ;) I did categorize them all by sizes and will post more up soon!

UPDATE! 12.12.15.
I posted a couple different brand new buttons I had just made and finished up earlier today. Bare with me on some of them because it's kind of hard editing graphics when I'm used to having Photoshop or some advanced photo editor and since I don't have it yet or until I do get it hopefully for the holidays, I have to do the best I can with the Paint application. But I really did my best on these and they did come out a lot better than the older ones actually...But I will definitely make better ones when I get my Photoshop again though! Thank you!

50x50 Buttons:
Like I was saying above, I will be working on and posting MUCH better quality ones very soon! But until I make more 50x50 ones, I just made a couple different ones using the same picture cause I can only do so much with Paint on smaller pictures like this and my computer was lagging at the time so I couldn't decide what ones looked better so I posted them all and will let you all decide...

I will be also fixing a couple of the older buttons (the first few I had posted) below. Until then, I made newer ones which will be the first three buttons you'll see. The second and third button also have a WHITE border around them, you just can't really see it because of my page background, sorry lol.

More coming soon...!


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(the designer that made the template of this layout i'm currently using..love it! very talented and amazing layouts and designs!)

(the web hosting site that is currently hosting this/my personal website! it's completely free, gives you a ton of space and lets you create a website using html coding)

(another really useful and free web hosting site that i mostly use for their web tools! they provide a lot of different really helpfull tools/applications you can use for your website! ex. i used their contact forms or form maker, guestbook, photo albums, poll makers, etc.)

(my go to and all time favorite site when i need any kind of layout or premade template or design! this website supplies all your website needs for not only just a personal website but also blogs too for tumblr, blogger and many more! all for free too!)

(one of the newer and free web hosting sites! i love this host too because they have awesome templates you can use to get started for your website and also their site builder allows anyone to be able to create awesome looking websites, even people that have little or no experience with making them can do it! they have a lot of amazing tools and stuff you can use and add onto your website as well as cool graphics, flash supported stuff and really cool effects that you won't find on other free web hosts!)