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This website was created mostly by me, Ashlee, for the sole purpose of having a actual, real personal website for myself since I have a lot of different blogsites but still didn't get a real website up till recently when I made this one. The name is self explainitory; I like Alice in Wonderland, but my name is Ashlee, so that worked out better ;p Also, there are a few differnet reasons why I thought it would be important to me to have a personal website anyway. Obviously the main reason is to connect and keep in touch with family and friends, and also it allows them to see what I've been up to, catch up with me, get to know me better or however you want to look at it. I like to express myself so I put all my creative works on here as well so everyone can check them out. And don't forget the modeling portfolio, which I will also have up to date on here too! Lastly, it is always fun to work on a new website, and since I'm a computer geek and know how to make websites, html computer codes, graphic designs and etc, I really enjoy it and have the most fun with it that I can possibly have. I’m kind of getting tired of the social media sites where everything is all kind of similar and the same and this way I can customize my website too and add on all the things that the other places won’t let you do. Whether your friends, family, or complete strangers though, tell me what you think of my website and don't be afraid of making any suggestions, comments, etc. I'm always welcome to new ideas and improvement :) And of course, thank you guys for visiting Ashlee in Wonderland and I really hope you liked what you seen and come back soon! ;)

Obviously I already explained how this website got the name, Ashlee's Wonderland, since my name is Ashlee, and I do love Alice in Wonderland so I thought it would be a fitting name...But I'm really hoping anyone who is reading this or checking this website out for yourself actually like what you see and also enjoy this site because I have worked hard putting together all my little blogsites and websites but keep checking in also since I know I do have ALOT of work and material I have to add on here yet, so this website is still a very big work in progress...but I am working on it consistantly so it will be almost finished in no time! I really did work hard on this website and did mostly everything except the entire layout, which is credited in the bottom right hand side in the disclaimer box, but everything else I did do. I adjusted and changed a few things with the layout, and obviously put my picture as a background image. And mostly any content you will find on this website is mine, especially the artwork, modeling pictures, writings, etc. all is my property, so don't ever let me find out you stole something and if anyone does see any of my work elsewhere on the web, please do report them to me! Anyway, I tried organizing everything into their own specific categories and making all the links simple and easy to find and understand. For more information about the layout, see the next section below...I started this personal website June 1st, 2015 and have been consistantly working and updating it ever since. I've decided to just post all updates on the main menu page however, so I will not be keeping a complete log of updates because it's too much for me lol. Also this website is probably best viewed with FireFox.

As I started stating above, I did use a template layout provided by CreateBlog but I edited the entire layout myself because I am very skilled with html and graphic/website coding. I obviously used my modeling picture as the background image and I host pretty much all of my own content/property and will always say if it is mine or not. I will credit any content to it's rightful owners. I also do have the orginal website makers credit (the person who created the website template before I changed the whole thing to suit me lol) on the lower right hand bottom side of the website (the bottom of the navigation) under Credit or you can just visit her website Monsterious. All the important stuff and texts is clearly show in the main body of the website and to the right of it is where the navigation, links and more site information can be found. So this layout is fairly simple yet amazing and I love it! I hope you enjoy it too ;D And as always, thank you for visiting and come back very soon!

I put up a new Contact Me section! Check it out below! ;)

Click here ---> Contact Me!

07/23/15: This past week I've added a couple pages and have been currently trying to edit all of them and I keep adding and editing a few things, but it's coming along very nicely so I really can't wait to see the finished results :D

(Newest to Oldest) I am ONLY posting the most important updates (in my opinion) that I had made to this personl website. Same thing applies to the future updates...if it's something small or minor, I probably won't really make the effort in posting any updates but will include all updates and info in the next major and important updates if that makes sense..lol. Just because I don't like to take up a lot of space with these things and am going to keep them short and sweet as well...

UPDATE! 12.02.15.
After working on this website pretty much all night and all this morning and I know I just updated it last night but I decided to make a pretty major change with it. Instead of having the 'Miscellaneous' section, I changed it to 'Interactive'. I actually had wanted to do this from the very beginning of creating this website but was kind of indecisive about it at first. Now that I have updated and am almost finished with this website, I kind of figure that it will be MUCH simplier and easier to rename it and also divide equally the different pages between 'Fun Stuff' and 'Interactive'. Alot of the pages between those two really had no particular category but they would fit in a 'Interactive' category so it just made sense to me. So I did end up moving some of the links and pages that used to be in the 'Fun Stuff' section to the 'Interactive' section now. So I should be about done with all the pages also today. Updating them is a different story but I will try ;) That's all for now, but I will keep you guys updated and posted! Thanks for checking out my website...and come back soon!

UPDATE! 12.01.15.
Even though I probably don't post all my updates as much as I should, I have been working on this website on and off a lot lately and have gotten ALOT of progress done with it. I'm proud to say that this website is almost officially finished! I added all of the pages and have to update a couple of them yet and add a few things..And I updated a lot of the other sections and pages as well. I added and updated a couple different things but pretty much each and every category under the navigation has been updated or something has been added or is new. So check it out and let me know what you guys think. I really put a lot of effort into this site but so far it's turning out to be almost perfect! Thanks for checking in and enjoy! ;)

UPDATE! 06.01.15.
This site was created around this date and had a lot of work to do yet with it. Pretty much I had gotten the main menu/home page up and was adding all the pages and sections for the website but still had ALOT of work to do and things to add to it. It was no where near finished but it was a great start and between June through August, I had put so much work and effort into this website and little by little had added and updated every other day or week. Eventually, it turned out very nice and is just about finished finally! :)