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survey #o5

fifth survey;

Posted: 12.11.15. I did update a couple different answers and went over it for more accurate and up to date results ;)

Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?


First thing to come to mind:

 1. I love…Ricky! and my son and family of course! ;)

2. Right now I want…to do some online shopping then spend time with my babee.

3. I feel like…shopping!? lol.

4. I hate it when…i’m bored.

5. I fear…needles.

6. I’m lonely without…my babee or friends.

 7. I need…a job or to go back to college.

 8. Today I…got dolled up then went to walmart and will hopefully be hanging out with Ricky soon..

 9. Tomorrow I’m…going to visit my son and momma then go to the mall and possibly casino with my love ;)

 10. I just…want to spend more time with my love :p

 11. I want to meet…a higher power.

 12. I’m hungry for…nothing right now.

 13. I love it when…life goes the way i’d like.

 14. I’m afraid of…dying?.

 15. I’m listening to…music.

 16. I’m wearing…a tank top and shorts.

 17. I wish people…weren’t stupid.

 18. I’m craving…cookie dough!

 19. I want to get…lots of things.

 20. I can…ride my bike with no handle bars ;)

 21. I can’t…be perfect.

 22. I have…to get my shit together real soon.

 23. I haven’t…went skydiving.

 24. I’m nervous to…grow up.

 25. My Mom thinks I’m…getting there ;)

 26. My Dad thinks I’m…something else lol.

 27. I think…logically.

 28. I’m happy when…everything goes right, or when i’m with him or people that actually care and when i have money :)

 29. I’m sad when…the opposite of above happens :)

 30. I like eating…good food ? :)

 31. I hate eating…nothing. if i hate it, i won’t eat it.

 32. I love watching…movies or cartoons.

 33. I love listening to…music!

 34. I like playing…video games.

 35. I hate waking up to…earliness.

 36. I can see…with my eyes? barely unless i have my contacts in or glasses on…lol.

 37. I’m glad that…i found my soulmate! and have my son and supporting friends and family.

 38. I’m disappointed that…i can’t change the past.

 39. I look like…i got my pretty on ;)

 40. I wish I looked like…nothing. i’m fine with the way i am!

What color is the thing that you’re sitting on?

black leather couch! it’s a wrap around..i love it ;D

Does this color mean anything to you?


What is the name of a person who has recently annoyed you?

some dumb bitch.

How well do you know this person?

very well.

Would you like to see more of them?

HEEEEELLLLLLLL to the no nigga.

Do you currently miss anything?

ohh yesssss!!

Why do you miss this thing?

i miss a lot of things :(

Have you ever had your heart broken?

who hasn’t.

What is the first letter of the name of the person who last broke your heart?


Do you ever wish to have him or her back?

nooopee. i found who i’m happy with and moved on but we’ll always still be friends.

Is anything bothering you at the moment?


Name three things that are currently within your reach.

phones, keyboard, drink.

Have you ever broken the law?


Do your parents know?

i’m sure.

How would they react if they found out?

been there, done that.

Have you ever lied to a friend just to make them feel better?

i tell it how it is, bby :)

Do you think they ever lied to you?

i know so.

Who means the most to you in your life?

Ricky, my son, my daddy and family.

What has he or she done that is so meaningful?

kind of all self explanatory.

In what grade did you have your first kiss?

idk when i was 16.

Was this kiss unexpected?

eh, a little.

Who was the last person that you hugged?

my baby ;)

Who did you send your last text message to?


What did this message say?


Who was the last person to text message you?

my momma.

What did they say?

i’m too lazy to look.

What are your feelings about him or her?

shes my mom? lol. but we fight a lot but i’ll always still love her.

How long have you been friends?

life? lol.

Has he or she ever done anything that has made you mad?

of course.

What are you currently not looking forward to?

certain things i don’t feel like making public.


i’m too clingy :p

Who is the one person who can always make you laugh?

my babe ;)

What is the funniest thing that he or she has ever told you?

too many.

What was the last movie that you saw?

contraband ? or something..

Who were you with?

my baby :D that’s the only person i ever watch movies with anymore.

Who was the last person that you called on your phone?

my daddy.

What did you talk about?

he didn’t answer then he called me back while i was in the shower. but it’s k cause he came over after :D

What is your favorite number?


What is your favorite color?

i have a couple. i really like purple lately.

What colors are you wearing?

black, white, grey, pink.

Do these colors mean anything to you?

i like em ? idk lol.

What is the last thing that was on your mind?

a lot.

What time is it?


What time were you up until last night?

hell if i know.