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survey #o3

third survey;

Posted: 12.01.15. I did update a couple different answers and went over it for more accurate and up to date results ;)

What is the brand of underwear youre wearing?
victorias secret ftw.
What color are your nails?
not colored :p
What kind of car do you drive?
newer ford taurus.
Do you straighten your hair?
sometimes, when i go out.
What brand of shampoo do you use?
wen or victoria’s secret.
Do you use lip gloss?
of course <3
Do you wear black or colors more?
both ?
Are you pierced?
Is your bra padded?
Are you wearing diamonds?
you know it.
Do you have perfume on?
not right now.
What color is your computer?
What does your mousepad have on it?
i’m a rebel, i don’t use a mouse pad.
What different colored flip flops do you have?
a bunch ?
Have you ever been a cheerleader?
uhm no thanks.
Do you make hearts over your i’s?
not gonna lie :)
Are you wearing eyeliner?
not atm. but i don't usually leave the house without wearing it lol..
When was the last time you had your hair done professionally?
two weekends ago?
Do you get manicures often?
i wish.
How many boys do you have buying you things?
my boyfriend, Ricky. lol cuz he offers..and my daddy sometimes? <3
Do you pump your own gas?
Do you put up your pinkie when drinking out of a glass?
haha, yep.
How many times have you gone out for a meal this week?
Are you afraid of mice or spiders or both?
spiders, kind of.
Does someone have to walk you to your car in the dark?
it’d be nice : )
Do you chew gum all the time?
not all the time.
Do you prefer thongs, boyshorts orunderwear?
thongs or boxers.
When was the last time you ate a doughnut?
a week ago.
Are you addicted to iced beverages?
yes. iced coffee<3
Do you carry a purse?
yup. juicy couture bby ;)
Does your cell phone have rhinestones on it?
Do you use LOL, TTYL or any other silly abbreviations when you text?
Do you write in print or cursive?
What girl can you relate to in the movie Mean Girls?
Do you ever doodle your name with your crush’s last name?
back when i was like 10.
Would you ever buy clothes at Wal-Mart?
no, not usually.
Do you have or want any tattoo’s?
i have one. i want more.
Do you tend to have a “Flavor of the Month” or serious relationships?
Describe your favorite shoes?
leopard print nikes.
What brand of make-up do you use?
expensive shit. i’m high maintenance and not afraid to admit it.
Do you drink water from the tap or just bottled water?
either, idc.
Would you step on a roach with your bare foot?
uhm no, id freaaak.
Could you do the stunts on Fear Factor?
lol sure, ;p
When is the last time you had a latte?
dont knoow.
Is there anything hanging from the rear view mirror in your car?
air fresheners. 
What is your favorite saying?
idk. don’t have one ?
Did you ever want to be Cher in the movie Clueless?
 uh no.