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Survey #o1

first survey;

Posted 08.10.15. but was taken at least four or five months ago so sorry it's kind of older and i tried changing some of the answers as i went through it but didn't really go over all of them.

According to your ex, are you hot?
apparently he thinks i’m perfect the way he talks.

How long does it take you to fall asleep at night?
depends on how tired i am.

What is your biggest fear?
needles, chainsaws, death.

Have you ever been to a wedding?

Can you lick your elbow?
who can?

Are you tired or awake right now?
well obviously i’m awake to be taking this? lol but i’m getting pretty tired…

What’s on your right foot at the moment?
nothing..it's naked ;)

What is the oldest you’ve ever been mistaken for?

At the moment, are you ticked off at someone?
nah. waste of time.

Was the last person to call you male or female?

Are you a jealous type of person?
nothing to be jealous of.

Where did you get the shirt you are wearing?

Have you ever kissed an ex after you two have broken up?

Is it awkward seeing guys in Victoria’s Secret stores by themselves?

What do you hope to accomplish in five years?
finish college, have a great job, and just be successful.

What’s one of the coolest names you’ve ever heard?
i’ve heard a few. haha.

Which animals are the cutest as babies?

Can you commit to one person?
been there, done that.

Are you a mean person?
if i need to be. but mostly i’m pretty sweet :)

Has a guy/girl sat on your bed before?

Did you talk to someone until you fell asleep last night?
no :(

Is there someone you don’t ever want to be out of your life?
a few people.

Have you ever kissed anyone with the name starting with a J?

Last time you were really happy?
last week…

Next time you will kiss someone & who?
hopefully this week? lol. and my ricky of course!

Who was the last person you texted before you went to bed last night?

Did anyone see you kiss the last person you kissed on the lips?

You’re locked in a room with the person you last kissed, any problems?
nah :)

Do you miss your past?
oh yes.

Has a boy ever let you wear his jacket?

The boy/girl you truly care about needs you at 3 AM, would you go?

Name something you dislike about the day you’re having?
i have to go to the dentist :/

What was the last thing you cried over?

Who were you with the last time you went to the movie theater?
omg it’s been a while…

Honestly, has anyone ever seen you in your underwear?

Who else is in the room with you?
no one.

Are you ticklish?

Is there anyone you would do anything for?

If you could go back 8 months and change something, would you?

What’s a fact about the last person who IMed you? on facebook IM?
dude i don’t remember shittttt.

How many friends do you have that don’t smoke?
only a few.

What song is currently stuck in your head?

Has anyone ever sang to you?
haha yeah.

What color are your eyes?

Do you like funny people or serious people?

Are you a morning person or a night person?
night owl foshooo.

Would you live with someone without marrying them?
already am.

Do you remember what you were like a year ago?
kind of ?

Have you ever woken up and freaked out about who was next to you?
haha NO.