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This is my original personal website dedicated to my life as yours truely, Ashlee Taylor. As of now, it's mostly an index site where you can find all the links to my personal websites and blogs. This layout grew on me because I love Alice In Wonderland as you'll find out, and it's kind of convenient since if you're a little lost, you can find where you need to go here ;) You can learn all about me and what's going on in my life. This will be the main site that you can find all of my personal web site links on too. The navigation is up on the top right, by clicking on the cute little pink hearts by alice, or to the right of this paragraph. I made this website mostly for family and friends to keep up with me, and for my own personal use so I really hope you enjoy it! :)

the queen. i'm ashlee. 03.20.90. proud pieces! my son, kayden is my whole world. i'm taken, it's complicated. i can't sum myself up in one paragraph, so learn more here! get to know me, you won't regret it ;) navigation about
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